VenoVision takes the power of ICU-grade biometrics to the whole new level of an AI-enabled Contactless Patient Monitoring Platform.


Undetected Patient Deterioration

Today, undetected patient deterioration is leading to ever-rising costs and harming patients’ lives, their families, care teams and the overall quality of healthcare.

Left inadequately monitored, cardio-renal and cardiopulmonary patients can develop fluid imbalance, suffer deterioration and even shock, leading to (re)hospitalization or more expensive treatments across their hospital-stay.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Easy to Use

In the hospital, the device will be close to the patient and be non-contact.

In the home, it will be as simple as taking a selfie

Supercharging Telehealth

Additional monitoring, prediction and medical alert capabilities will offers telehealth and remote monitoring services a powerful, new level of service

Leadership Team


Prof. Dr. Tal Hasin

Head of Heart Failure Unit, Shaare Zedek Medical Center

Prof. Yaakov Nahmias

Director, Grass Center for Bioengineering, The Hebrew University


Jonathan Maron

MBA, The Hebrew University


The VenoVision Solution

VenoVision is developing the next generation of monitoring – a safe, reliable, cost-effective, and affordable algorithmic-driven system to alert medical staff before the patient’s condition spirals downward. 

In the hospital, this will free-up medical professionals and help focus them on treatment. Outside, in nursing facilities and the home, it will power telehealth services and help keep patients out of unplanned hospitalizations.


The system will enable the monitoring of key indicators that previously required catheter lines and implants

Powered by AI

By sending the additional data to an AI-driven system, the technology will enable earlier outcome prediction

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